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Fox is planning the chicken heist

of the century!

But will the farmer see through the foxes plot before it’s too late?

But will the Farmer see through Fox’s clever disguises & hilariously "spot-on" impressions before it's too late?

This mischievous and delightfully dry debut picture book by Author-Illustrator Arthur Strangekin, follows the story of a cunningly fabulous fox-tailed bandit, who crafts clever disguises and elaborate plans to trick the farmer into handing him his chicken dinner on a silver platter.


Will Fox go undercover as an alien, magician or scientist in his latest caper?

Find out! and maybe stay for dinner...


This book is for you if:


1. You want to read a book with your kids that will have you rolling on the floor laughing together


2. You want a book that you can enjoy reading over and over again, and still spot new hidden details with every read


3. You love planning elaborate heists

and playing fancy dress-up


4. You think Chickens are hilarious

Self-Pubby Award Seal.png

Winner of the

Self-Pubby Book Award for Best illustrated Book 

This entertaining and delightfully dry debut children’s picture book by new Author-Illustrator Arthur Strangekin is a true classic, told entirely in dialogue and marvelously paired with rich illustrations that are laced with knee-slapping contradictory visual nods.


This story will keep kids of all ages overjoyed to be in on the joke and will leave you wondering how this farm-based tale of cat and mouse, or fox and chicken, will end!


Enjoy this farm life adventure with family or friends and face off against the fox’s terrible puns and plots!






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or free with Kindle Unlimited

Where to Buy


*For Libraries and Bookstores - "Not a Fox" is also available through the Ingram Catalog!



5 Stars: Reviewed By Bruce Arrington for Readers’ Favorite

Not a Fox by Arthur Strangekin is an illustrated children’s book about a very clever fox who is rather greedy. He is smart enough to outwit a farmer by convincing him to start handing over his chickens, but as we learn, one just isn’t enough. Will the fox be able to fill his pot, or is something else brewing that the fox isn’t aware of? I absolutely love this book. It is filled to the brim with so much fun, detail, humor, and character that I know kids will also love it. It’s the kind of book that I want to read over again, just for the laughs. The artwork is obviously done by a pro who knows how to create perfect pages for a story such as this.


The creative twist that the fox uses to get what he desires makes him especially likable. There is no limit to his intelligence, though he also learns that he’s not the only smart one around. And the positives for kids reading this is that it will help them to think outside the box, using their imaginations to solve problems, instead of reacting to situations with the same old tired results. And if plan A doesn’t work, they can remember how the fox’s ideas went to plan F before all was said and done! Not a Fox by Arthur Strangekin is a clear winner and is sure to be a favorite among many young readers, not to mention many more adults who share this hilarious tale with them. Highly recommended for readers of all ages. Outstanding work! Very well done!

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the author

Arthur Strangekin loves art and stories with heart and humour.

And so it makes sense that he LOVES animated kids movies and picture books!

You’re never too old for awesome.


He’s me. I’m Arthur! Hello :)


I’m an author-illustrator, dad and geek, with a deep love for fantastic stories, dipped in offbeat humour with a splash of honest human relatability. All wrapped in gorgeous art that just sticks to your brain like gum on the sole of your shoe. These kinds of stories fill me with joy!


And honestly, who doesn’t want more joy!?

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